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As the largest wildlife rescue organization in Australia, WIRES do its utmost to take care of Australian wildlife and rescue as many animals as possible!


Published on 02 Feb. 2020

by Christian Brandt

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Massive Bushfires across Australia

Record-breaking temperatures and the worst drought in the history of Australia have caused catastrophic fires all around the country. Until now, at least 33 people have been killed by the fires [1] and according to estimates by ecologists at Sydney University over 1 billion animals have been perished since November 2019. [2]

Overall, it can be assumed that 11 million hectares have been burned since the fires started and there is still no end in sight. Although rain and cooler temperatures in the past few weeks have led to slightly better conditions, there are still 50 fires burning and 2.700 firefighters in action. [1] Especially Canberra is currently threatened by the massive bushfires that are raging a few kilometers South from the Australian capital, which is why the ACT (Australian Capital Territories) declared a state of emergency on Friday the 31st of January for the first time since the devistating fires in 2003. [3]

Bushfires in Australia, Giving Getaway

"WIRES mission is to actively rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife."

Giving Getaway help WIRES taking care of wildlife

WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.) is the largest wildlife rescue organization in Australia and has been taking care for wildlife since 1985. Based in New South Wales, over 2.500 volunteers in 28 branches are working day by day to answer round about 170.000 calls every year and to be on the spot whenever an animal needs to be rescued. Only in 2018 WIRES received over 90.000 rescue requests and in the peak season (spring and summer) up to 1.000 per day!

But this was all before the catastrophic fires in Australia in 2019 and 2020. To ensure that WIRES will be in a position to rescue as many animals as possible, the organization is focusing on increasing the capacity and working out additional opportunities to help wildlife in Australia. [4]

Let's support WIRES with taking care of Australian Wildlife

WIRES is a nonprofit organization, which means that they are using the surplus of their revenues to take care of Australian wildlife. It also means that this organization depends on the willingness of people to participate and to spend either time or money to help WIRES achieving their goals. This is where Giving Getaway comes into play. For every completed Information Collection Questionnaire in February 2020, Giving Getaway donates 10 € to WIRES. 

Update: A big thank you goes to our engaging supporters for completing eight questionnaires and initiating a 80€ donation (~130 AUD)! Giving Getaway decided to put 43€ on top to make it a total donation of 200 Australian Dollars.

Giving Getaway's donation for WIRES

"Thank you for your recent gift to WIRES to help rescue and care for sick, injured and orphaned animals. Your generous gift helps WIRES to continue providing rescue and care services for wildlife 365 days a year, to increase our ability to help more animals and to be able to better assist wildlife in the long-term. We are very grateful for your support."

Leanne Taylor


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