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Be part of the Giving Getaway Community and help us to gather information about places all around the world by answering 10 questions about one destination of your choice. Check out this sample (English / German) to get an idea of how to complete the questionnaire properly. Subsequently, you can choose one of the following options as a return for your service:

  • 5€ donation: Choose this option and Giving Getaway makes a 5€ donation out of its own pocket! Only you decide whether the donation shall be provided for people in need, climate protection or animal protection!

  • Get 5 pages of customized information about one destination of your choice! Check our World Map, choose one destination and you will great deal of individually customized information which have been provided by other travelers and locals from all around the world!

Giving Getaway Community

Gathered information about 27 different countries and 40 different places

Information Collection Questionnaire by Giving Getaway
  • 2 months of Instagram promotion for travel related Instagram profiles, websites, and businesses! We will tag you on our pictures, make four shoutouts and two detailed and customized featured posts for you. (NotePromotion won't start as long as required information are missing!)

    • Recommend this questionnaire to others and get one feature and two shoutouts everytime someone mentions your Instagram profile at the end of a submission.
    • Destinations of the Week: complete the questionnaire for one of our three destinations of the week and get one extra feature and two extra shoutouts.

       This week:

      • Nepal (Asia)

      • Lima (Peru, South America)

      • Ukraine (Europe)



English Sample

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German Sample

You don't have much time or you just don't feel like answering 10 questions but you still want to share your travel experiences? Then check out the Hidden Gems Collector whose only purpose is to collect the names of places that are off the beaten path. Submit one hidden gem and get a shoutout on Instagram in return!

Information Collection Questionnaire

Giving Getaway's Information Collection Questionnaire

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