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presented by Linda

"Here you see a mixture of pictures taken all over the Netherlands, my home country, that I really think is worth visiting. I made a promise to myself that in the next coming years I really need to explore my own country further. There's so much to see, beautiful cities, great nature and beaches.

Most people only go to the main capitol; Amsterdam, which of course is a great city with lots to see, history and musea but why not visit also some other cities, like Delft, famous for Delfts blue. Visit the Venice in the north; Giethoorn. Walk through the famous flower fields and garden in spring: the Keukenhof. Go back in time and visit the windmill parks Kinderdijk or Zaanse Schans. Enjoy this all with a nice Stroopwafe/Cheese/ Kroket or come all the way to the south where I live and eat some Limburgse Vlaai (delicious cake)!"