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The Balkan Series

Giving Getaway's Balkan Series

Browse through our series of blog posts about the Balkans and learn more about its fascinating places and its turbulent history. Here you will find interesting stories, firsthand experiences and useful travel tips from our Travel Experts who set out to explore countries like Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzigovina, Montenegro and many more! Make sure to frequently check this page for new reading material, as we will provide you with brand-new blog posts on a regular basis!

Asia - Continent of Contrasts

10 German cities you shouldn't miss

Asia is not only the biggest continent by area and population, it is also a place with a huge cultural and natural diversity. Here you will not only find the highest mountain peak, the deepest lake, and some of the highest buildings in the world, but also stunning beaches, numerous volcanoes and countless historically significant cities. In this section, we would like to provide insights into some of the most fascinating places in Asia, based on experiences that were made by other travelers and Giving Getaway's travel experts.

Image by David Edelstein

These lesser-known German cities are a treasure trove of some of the most stunning historic towns and quaint villages and districts. Its ancient buildings, cathedrals, castles, and infinite beauty are all worth admiring. Moving further, here is Giving Getaway's take on the top 10 underrated cities in Germany that your next travel planning guide should consist of.

Black Lives Matter

Why hate is not the answer

People aren't born racist - they learn to be racist. It takes time, effort and courage to help people unlearn racism, but as long as we speak up, listen carefully and talk to people without judging, it is possible to change their minds. Find out why I think that racism is rather a popular misconception than a pandemic and why I think that hate is never wins.

Black Lives Matter (by Giving Getaway)

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