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The Balkans

Browse through our series of blog posts about the Balkans and learn more about its fascinating places and its turbulent history!


Part 6: Kotor Bay - Pearl of the Balkans

In part six of Giving Getaways blog post series about the Balkans, Chris shares his experiences about his three months in Kotor Bay, Montenegro. From October 2020 to January 2021 he lived in Risan, a small and historic town that is almost entirely surrounded by mountains. This blog post takes you on a journey along the bay through picturesque places like Herceg Novi, Perast, and Kotor, a city that is considered to be the most beautiful place in Montenegro by many people. Read his stories and find out why so many people who visit Montenegro fall in love with Kotor Bay - and struggle to move on! 


Part 5: A Touch of the Caribbean in Crete


Have you ever thought about visiting one of the Caribbean islands, but then you realized that it's too far away or too expensive? In this blog post, Giving Getaway Travel Expert Ania explains why you do not have to spend a lot of money and fly far off to the Caribbean to see a piece of paradise on earth. Her tip: just go to Crete! In this blog post, she shares her experiences and stories of her fascinating time on the Greek island. Read everything about the two lagoons Elafonisi and Balos and find out and see for yourself why this part of the island is called "Cretan Carribbean"! 

Part 4: Tirana - Between Bunkers & Pyramids

750,000 bunkers in a country with 3 million people and one huge pyramid in its capital - welcome to Albania, and welcome to Tirana! Ania visited Albania in summer 2019 and in this blog post she shares her experiences in Tirana, a city that is often overlooked by people who travel through the Balkans. Read this blog post to learn more about the moving history of Albania's capital and find out why Albania is often considered as the "North Korea of Europe! And if you would like to read more fascinating travel stories from Ania, feel free to follow her on Instagram!

Part 3: An Adventure across the Balkans 


In this post, Alessandra describes her one-month long itinerary across the Balkans from northeast to southwest - as a solo woman traveller! She made this trip during the summer (July-August, pre-covid time) and she only used local public transport (and a little bit of hitchhiking). Read everything about her amazing trip and follow her on Instagram for more interesting travel tips and stories.

Part 2: Slovenia - The Sunny Side of the Alps 

Considering its size and population, Slovenia is among Europe's smallest countries. It is a country that is often overlooked as its bordering countries Italy, Croatia and Austria seem to enjoy a much better reputation among tourists all around the world. In October 2020, Chris visited Slovenia, the state in the northwest of the Balkan peninsula, and these three days in Slovenia were more than enough to make a lasting impression on him. Read everything about his experiences and find out why Slovenia should not be missing on your bucket list!

Giving Getaway presents Slovenia

Part 1: Sarajevo Subjectively 

Giving Getaway presents Sarajevo

In July 2019, Ania visited Sarejevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this blog post she is presenting her extraordinary experiences in the city where east meets west. Learn more about this mystical city, find out why it is called the "Jerusalem of Europe", read everything about the delicious Bosnian cuisine and delve into the appalling history of Sarajevo. Let yourself be enchanted by Ania's emotional tour through Sarajevo and get to the bottom of the fascinating Balkans!