Giving Getaway's Travel Expert: Anna O.

Anna Osowska

Travel Expert

So far I have traveled to 28 different countries, most of them in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and in the beautiful Caucaus region!

"Traveling is a state of mind, a path within you, openness to people and the world, awareness, mindfulness. That is why you can start your journey wherever you are, here and now."


For years I have been combining my passion for traveling with working in a corporation. "Working in a corporation" sounds like a traveler's curse, like a place to run away from. But I am just lucky that in corporate life I am responsible for people's development and my work is also my passion. This mix means that I don't have as much time for travel as I would like, but it also taught me to prepare myself perfectly for the trip.


I need to know exactly what I want to see and why, what to experience and possibly what to give up if I don’t have enough time. Of course, they also like to allow themselves a little spontaneity, but time during travel is always valuable to me.

At the same time, it is very important for me to be mindful while traveling, to understand what I see and why, therefore I consider all social and historical aspects very valuable. I love road trips; this way of traveling gives me guarantee of independence. For years, I have also loved showing the world to my son (at the age of less than 11, he has already visited 22 countries), hoping that he will appreciate it someday.

Besides, I am the worst person to answer the question "Do you like this direction?" My answer is always "yes", everywhere is beautiful, fascinating, inspiring and interesting, every journey develops you, enriches your mind, and the choice of destination is always good if you understand yourself and know why you want to go there.


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